VILIFYs 1st EP: Two Steps Forward – OUT NOW!!!

VILIFY – Two Steps Forward EP (2017 – Springstoff)

Vilify presents dark and poignant after hour glitch hop. ‘You already let go’ is painting a vivid soundtrack of a search into the unknown, meandering in these beautiful moments when the night has ended but the rush of dark seduction is still at the fingertips. Muffled noises make reality sneak back in but are still distant and faint, alienating and foreign to the ear. The tension is arching across ‘Two step Forward’ and ‘Foreshadow’ teasingly evaluating the chasm between the stimulating thudding and glimpses of light catching your eye. The sound appears more weighty, sweaty bodies, a concrete space and an almost industrial reboot. ‘Maybe yes’ is fully luring back into an immersive, more rushed music experience holding on to the expectations of a dark rapture.

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