HYENAZ – New Video: Proximity

HYENAZ – Proximity – Digital 01.06.2018 (SPRINGSTOFF / INDIGO)

PROXIMITY is an a/v techno intervention by Berlin-based sonic artists Hyenaz. This damp and amphibious track extrapolates from field recordings of an immense network of stuttering frogs, which HYENAZ encountered on Yorta Yorta country in South-Eastern Australia. The frogs reacted to their presence and movement by altering the intensity and volume of their vocalizations, creating an organic techno. The singular texture of PROXIMITY is the result of this collaboration with wetland wildlife.

The frogs’ reaction to their sense of [in]security led HYENAZ to draw parallels to how physical and emotional proximity affect human societal relations, a concept they explore in the slime-covered video for PROXIMITY. Released by the poetry journal Interim, this visual artwork lurches and staggers across bodies in motion to ask the question, “Does our Proximity Bind Us?” It features movement artists Danilo Andrés, Tereza Silon, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Bishop Black and ROC and was filmed by cinematographers Jo Pollux and Raja de Luna, with direction and editing by HYENAZ themselves.

PROXIMITY is the first in a series of singles, mixed-reality performances and a/v installations entitled FOREIGN BODIES. The works surface from an ongoing practice of learning from the individuals and communities who move in resistance to, in spite of, and as a result of, the management and control of bodies by nation-states, corporations and other authoritarian actors.

PROXIMITY will be released on SPRINGSTOFF with five remixes by Dorninger, okpk, The Shredder, El Fulminador, and DFUMH on June 1st, 2018.

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